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Adventure Prizes MiniGames


A minigame appears as a reward for a successful exercise series. At the example on the left, a "catch the fish" minigame is active. The boats can be dragged toward the fishing spots. In this case, the fish can be caught in groups of five. In the example on the right, a "bat chase away" minigame is active. In this case, bats can be chased from the cave in groups of ten.



The minigames fulfill several purposes:


Next minigames are available:

  1. Catching or liberating butterflies (from chewing gum)
  2. Catching Fish
  3. Spraying waterdrops from the Dolphin
  4. Hunting Witches
  5. Making the Volcano Erupt
  6. Chasing Bats from the cave

Interactive Treasuremap

Succesfully concluding a minigame is rewarded in turn with several elements of the treasuremap becoming interactive (like the volcano, seastar/ufo, dragon, dolphin, bats and ships). If he likes, the child may play with them for a little while. As everything will run out (limited amount of dragonfire, volcano boulders, etc), boredom should trigger the child to proceed to the next exercise series.