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KidsCalculate Math Basics

Education + Fun = KidsCalculate

Gaining Insight

Mental Image

KidsCalculate helps children with obtaining a useful mental image. Apart from better comprehension right away, it also helps them on the long run to develop good calculative and mathematical skills.*.

Best method

KidsCalculate harbours the best elements of Abacus, Number Line, Bead Chain and Montessori Stacking System.

Built-in teacher

The software is able to give explicit explanations as well. Using artifical intelligence, speech synthesis and animations, it is explained in detail in which ways the current exercise can be solved best.

Game Elements

To help motivate the child to practice a lot autonomously, the exercises have been pimped with animations, and several game elements have been added.


This video gives a good idea of the possibilities:

* research for the British Educational Research Association: How do we teach children to be numerate?, by Mike Askew and Margaret Brown.